Teaching Philosophy

The Department of Management and Entrepreneurship offers courses for Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral students. Additionally, it also develops various offerings in the area of continuing education such as for example a CAS in Entrepreneurship.

We ground all of our teaching activities on relevant management and organizational theories, which can be applied in managerial and entrepreneurial practice. To this end, we integrate latest empirical documentation of such theories in all our teaching activities. We include practitioners, representing different organizations operating in various industries, on a regular basis in our offered courses to provide students with ‘state-of-the-art’ insights from managerial and entrepreneurial practice. By doing so, we follow a problem-based teaching approach as our students learn by reference to challenges that managers and entrepreneurs are confronted with in practice.

As for the principles of teaching, we adopt a contingency perspective by applying various didactical methods, depending on the specific learning situation of our students.  These methods include, among others, teacher-centered teaching, team lessons, simulations, or self-study.