Being an Entrepreneur (Fall Semester 2023)

General Information

Professor / Lecturer Prof. Dr. Philipp Sieger
Location Engehalde 8, Room 002

Credits Acknowledged

For students specializing in management: In supplementary subjects (Ergänzungsbereich)
For students of with another specialization: In elective subjects (Wahlbereich)
 Additional format:
 "Fachmodul Entrepreneurship" (Being an Entrepreneur & Corporate Entrepreneurship)

Course Description

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

This course takes a fresh and comprehensive look at the entrepreneurial career path as a whole. More specifically, it covers not only new venture creation but also selected important topics along the career of an entrepreneur.
It introduces main theoretical concepts and themes in entrepreneurship and illustrates the key tasks and challenges that an entrepreneur faces in his/her career. In doing so, it combines academic rigor with practical relevance.

Key questions addressed:

  • Why should one become an entrepreneur, and why not?
  • What is the purpose of becoming an entrepreneur? Becoming rich, solving a social, political, or environmental problem, and/or acting sustainably?
  • How can one actually become an entrepreneur?
  • Should one create a new venture on his/her own, or with others? And with whom?
  • What are possible financing options?
  • How to survive entrepreneurial crises?
  • When and how might one exit a firm?
  • And many more…

Topics covered (among others):

  • Foundations of entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial entry (creating a business, taking over a business, franchising)
  • Founder social identities
  • Business models and business plans
  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • Entrepreneurial teams
  • Portfolio entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial crises
  • Family business entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial exit

Main learning outcomes:

  • Gain in-depth academic and practical insights into the "entrepreneurial career”
  • Understand the theoretical foundations of entrepreneurship (concepts and themes)
  • Be able to apply knowledge in practice
  • Develop/enhance own entrepreneurial skills and capabilities
  • Be able to reflect if being/becoming an entrepreneur is a feasible/desirable career option

Performance Evaluation and Teaching Approach

Individual performance

  • Participation in class (20%)
  • Final written exam* (60%)

*Remember to register for one of the exams via KSL:

1st exam option: Wednesday, December 20th, 18:15 - 20:15. The registration in KSL is open until Friday, December 15th.

2nd exam option: Thursday, February 15th, 14:00 - 16:00. The registration in KSL is open until Monday, February 12th.

Team performance

  • Group assignment (group presentation) (20%)

To receive ECTS, all performance evaluation parts have to be completed. Regular attendance of the classes is required.

The conceptual foundations of each class will be provided through video podcasts beforehand.
The classes themselves (in-person teaching with physical attendance) will include additional content, case studies, exercises, and open discussions. Also guest inputs and student presentations will be part of the course.

Course Material and Readings

Course materials and video podcasts will be available on ILIAS every Friday before class. A list with recommended readings will be provided on ILIAS every Tuesday before the next class.


Target Group

Master students


English (course and exam)


Students are required to register for this course. Registration is open from August 7, 2023 to September 15, 2023 in KSL. Manual registrations after the deadline are not possible. The number of participants is limited (max. 42).


Students should be proficient in English and should have a strong genuine interest in the topic of entrepreneurship.

Tentative Course Overview

Location: To be confirmed

 Nr. Date  Day  Time Topic
1. 19.09.2023 Tuesday 13:15-16:00
2. 26.09.2023 Tuesday 13:15-16:00 Creating a Business
3. 03.10.2023 Tuesday  13:15-16:00 Taking Over a Business
4. 10.10.2023 Tuesday 13:15-16:00 Franchising
5. 17.10.2023
Tuesday 13:15-16:00 Opportunities and Innovation
6. 24.10.2023
Tuesday 13:15-16:00 Business Models and Business Plans
7. 31.10.2023
Tuesday 13:15-16:00 Entrepreneurial Teams
8. 07.11.2023
Tuesday 13:15-16:00 Entrepreneurial Finance
9. 14.11.2023
Tuesday 13:15-16:00 Entrepreneurial Growth
10. 21.11.2023
Tuesday 13:15-16:00 Entrepreneurial Crisis
11. 28.11.2023 Tuesday 13:15-16:00 Entrepreneurial Exit
12. 05.12.2023
Tuesday 13:15-16:00 Student Presentations
13. 12.12.2023
Tuesday 13:15-16:00 Student Presentations
14 20.12.2023 Wednesday 18:15-20:15 Final Exam (1st Opportunity), Main Building, Room 201
15 15.02.2024 Thursday 14.00-16.00 Final Exam (2nd Opportunity), Main Building, Room 205