Doctoral Thesis (Dissertation) Supervision

The Department of Management offers excellent and ambitions people the opportunity for supervision of their doctoral thesis. If you are interested in completing a dissertation project at our department, please proceed as follows

1. You have to meet the formal prerequisites according to the guidelines set out by the faculty of economics and social sciences.

2. Choose a topic which is related to the research interests of the department (please have a look at the research projects being conducted by our department members)

Rather than handing in a written proposal of your project, we invite you to present your ideas, which should be in accordance with the department's guidelines, in our research colloquium. Each semester, we offer two possible dates for prospective doctoral candidates.

We kindly ask you to contact us well before each session. Please be advised that no revision of projects prior to presentation will be performed by the department. For any details, please contact Beatrice Rüfenacht.