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If you intend to write a Master thesis at our Deparment, or are already in the process of writing one, you should know about the assignment of topics, design guidelines, the type of supervision, as well as requirements. Therefore, we have compiled tips and information that should make it easier for you to write your thesis.


The following three conditions apply in order to complete a master thesis at our department:

  • Applicants must have completed their bachelor's degree
  • Applicatns must have completed all additional conditions (Auflagen) that might have been defined in order complete a master's degree
  • Applicants must have completed the course "Seminar in Management & Entrepreneurship" at our department.

Application procedure

There are no fixed start dates for master theses at our department. If you want to start your master thesis within the next two months, you can either (i) have a look at our list of currently available topics and select one or (ii) come up with your own topic within the field of Management/ Entrepreneurship/ Innovation, prior to following the application procedure listed below.

If you want to start writing a master thesis within the next few months, you may contact us even if there are no topics listed on our website. However, please do not contact us earlier, as a “reservation” of topics is not possible. As our capacities are limited, we cannot guarantee a master thesis supervision. In case of excess demand for supervision at our department, we will refer to your seminar in management grade as a decision criterion.

 Phase 1             Fill out the application form on the computer (see document below) and send it via e-mail with the necessary attachments to the supervisor responsible for your chosen topic.
 Phase 2 If your application is accepted, your supervisor will inform you about the next steps. Usually you will have three weeks’ time to write a proposal on your topic (for information on the proposal please check out the guidelines - see above).
 Phase 3 Usually, you will get a feedback on your proposal within the following 10 working days after your submission.

Please Note: If your proposal is not accepted your supervisor will decide whether you get another two weeks’ time to rework your proposal.

 Phase 4 If your proposal is accepted by your supervisor, the 22 weeks of writing your master thesis officially start. Be sure to set the submission date with your supervisor.
 Phase 5 Submit your master thesis at the set submission date.
 Phase 6 Upon approval, your grade will be communicated to the Dean’s Office.

If you wish to meet your supervisor to get a feedback, please contact him or her.

Application Form

To your application you will have to attach:
  • Your course achievements (Studienblatt) of master and if possible of your bachelor studies

Spectrum of theses

Each year, the Department of Management oversees about 35-40 bachelor and master theses dealing with management or entrepreneurship matters. Literature studies about scientifically relevant topics, as well as empirical studies, and 'consulting–papers' relevant to practitioners can be composed. The institute proposes a list of topics. In agreement with the department, the treatment of one's own topic is also possible.

We encourage teamwork!

Some FAQ

What selection criteria do you have?

Our selection criteria vary from semester to semester depending on the number of applicants, as well as on their individual track-record(s). Generally, we give preference to the students of higher semesters who have completed the course “Seminar in Management”.

Can I apply for a master thesis at your Department if I have not attended “Seminar in Management” (yet)?

You may still apply for a master thesis at our department without having attended “Seminar in Management”. However, the chances of being accepted are lower.

Can I attend “Seminar in Management” parallel to writing my master thesis?

Yes. However, your chances of getting accepted for writing a master thesis at our department are lower. Also, if you are accepted your chances of successfully writing the thesis are higher if you have already attended the seminar. Furthermore, attending the Seminar while writing a master thesis at our department will entail a significantly higher workload for students.

Can I offer my own topic?

Yes. In addition to your regular application (Application form plus attachments) you have to submit a short proposal of 2 Pages where you present your topic, your motivation and at least five relevant literature references (as an orientation: see the description of writing a proposal in the guidelines on top of this site). Please note that we do not guarantee acceptance of your own topic and generally supervise theses which lie within our own research interests.